5 things to Bust a Bad Mood


We all have those days, right? When just nothing seems to go right, you feel utterly useless and you feel like those clouds will never drift away.

I do… especially when I spend the whole day inside and at the end of the day I cannot recall any fun conversations during the whole day. Last week I wrote a blog post on apps that could help make your day a bit better, but when you spend your day glued to your phone, ipad and laptop (guilty, guilty and guilty) that won’t really help you out.

But when you’re done feeling sad for yourself, there are actually some really easy fixes for this very common nuisance. Here is a list of five that work for me.

1. Dress up

Whenever I feel grumpy and bad I am very tempted to stay in bed, wallow, and stay make-up-less and in my pyjamas. While it does feel cosy, you won’t feel ‘fresh’ and ready to face some new adventures. So hop in the shower or take a bath, put on some nice clothes and basically pretend like you’re going to a very fancy event. This all will give you some extra confidence and help you to face the day.

2. Clean up

I read the other day that it is easier to see someone elses mess than to notice your own. So focus a bit of attention on these mundane tasks of cleaning the mess in your room, doing the dishes or doing loundry and you will not only get a cleaner house; your head will actually clean up and you will feel happier afterwards. You’re welcome!

3. Turn up (the music)

Whenever my own thoughts cloud my day I like to put on some sing-along music. My favourites are Paul Simon or a Disney playlist. As long as it is a list of songs you know all the lyrics to it is going to be great. Singing along with songs tunes out your own thoughts and you use your breath to form sounds which will help to make your breath more regular as well. Two ways of getting happier in minutes all in one tip! Turn it op!!

4. Light up (no… it’s not what you think)

After you’ve cleaned up your room, you’ve turned up the music and you’re slightly out of breath because of the singing and the dancing and you need to calm down again: light up a candle. The flickering light of a candle can make you feel more relaxed, and if it’s a scented candle choose calming scents such as orange or minty scents. It can completely change the atmosphere of your room.

5. Write up

This is more of a long-term tip and something I’ve been doing for about two weeks now. Write down three things that have made you happy that day. I chose to take three categories and write down every night before I go to sleep what was the best thing I ate that day, with whom I had the best conversation and what was the funniest or prettiest thing I saw that day. It makes you appreciate the small things more and helps you fall asleep easier afterwards. Whenever I have a bad moment I just take a look at my little note-book and all of the things I wrote down over the past few days. It really makes me happy just to think about all of the little things that make me happy and it kind of drives out the negatives.

I hope this can help you out if you’re in a bad mood. If you have any other tips or if you’ve tried mine and they’ve helped you out, please do let me know in the comments below.




My favorite lifestyle apps

Hey there! Good afternoon 🙂

I hope you’ve been having a nice Monday so far, but we all know what it is like to have just a poopy day when things don’t work out. Maybe you have one of those days once in a while, maybe you’ve had a few of those in a row. I might have something that’ll make your day a little bit better!

We all use our mobile devices non stop, but using social media doesn’t always makes you feel better, right?! I’ve picked out three of my favorite apps that can bring a little brightness to your day, and hopefully that brightness will spread and you will feel all better by the end of the day :). Two of the three of these apps are inspired by mindfulness, something I am a total fangirl of. The third one is just plain fun, but we all need some fun every now and then to get motivated ;).

1. Breathe

The first app I would like to give a mention is the app called ‘Breathe’. It was developed by ‘Tools for Peace’, a non profit organization that through meditation and mindfulness wants to create kindness and compassion in everyday life. If you’ve ever wanted to try to meditate but you’ve given up on the idea of it because you can’t get your mind to ‘shut up’, give this one a go. The app helps you put words to your feelings and offers advice on particular meditations which could help in certain emotional states. On top of that it looks cute, it is super easy to use and it is suitable for meditation beginners to experts.

It will help you to put your feet back on the ground and quite literally breathe again. The app is free, so do check it out!

StopBreatheThink Avec Plaisir

2. You

This app is a new initiative by mr. Jamie Oliver himself. I’ve been loving his cooking since I was a little girl, seriously, I read his cooking books for fun. The last year he’s been more and more active on social media such as instagram and youtube and recently he has come out with this app called ‘You’. It is based around taking mindful micro-actions every day to change your life. You get encouraged to take part in a new food experience, mindfulness exercise or activity everyday and take a picture of that. Together with all of the other users you form a community that completes the same challenge everyday, which is very motivating.

I’ve been trying this app for a few days now (yes, it’s that new), and it has already made me aware of so much more. For example, today’s challenge was to make sure you drink enough water… SO important! I always tend to forget about that… On top of that it is a great way to be part of a positive community that shows support that is way more than just a ‘like’. Again, this app is free so do check it out!


3. Peak

Peak is basically just a ‘brain-training’ app. It lets you do mental exercises each day to help you ‘get better’ everyday. There are various things you can focus on, but what you get to do is all these fun games and some of them are real mind-crunchers. After you’ve reached your goal the app shows you your progress each day and the next day you’ll get new exercises that’ll help you to improve the fields you were lacking in the previous day. I have to say… it really gets me so motivated to keep playing those games. My memory is pretty darn good, but my language skills… making up different words out of a set of letters in English (which, officially is not my mother-tongue) is super difficult. I. Just. Want. To. Get. Better!!

This app will totally wake you up in the morning, or around 4 in the afternoon when you’ve dozed off behind your desk. It gets you excited and makes you just a bit sharper every day. One more time: this app is for free. If you think mindfulness is not your thing but you like gaming, give this one a go :).


If you’ve tried all three of these apps, and you’re still feeling a little bit blue: just give in. Take an early night, make yourself a cup of tea and go to bed. Tomorrow everything will be better, just don’t get stuck in the moment :).

I hope you’ll have a wonderful evening.

Lots of love,



A new year, a new blog for me.

The end of the year is slowly creeping up on us and I started thinking about the things that I have been doing lately.

Something I’ve been doing quite a lot of these days is making ‘to-do’ lists and trying to complete them as fast as possible. These lists mainly consist of things I ‘have’ to do, things I force upon myself or things other people ask me to do. It helps me to be productive and finish those things that need finishing, who doesn’t like a good list, right?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been missing out on those to-do lists with things I actually want to do. Because let’s be honest… those are the best lists! That is why I decided to make a little list of things I want to do in 2015. It actually is harder than you’d think to compile a list of things that you really want to do, and I felt that I couldn’t be the only one with these struggles. That is why I decided to start a new blog.

You might know my old blog ‘One Smile A Day’, but I feel like this blog doesn’t cover the story I want tell anymore. The title of this blog is ‘Avec Plaisir’, because I think that everything you do should be done with joy. Joy for yourself, joy for another person, and that this joy deserves some attention to actually feel like something joyful.

On this blog you’ll find stories and photo’s of things that bring me joy, mainly food and lifestyle focussed items but I will also blog some random daily life activities that have made me feel happy and which could inspire you to find joy in your day as well.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and please share your thoughts with me, that we can inspire each other!

Lots of love,



Follow my blog with Bloglovin

A platform that I have been enjoying for a while now is called Bloglovin’.

It is a great place to discover new blogs or follow the ones you really love. For bloggers themselves it is also a great way to get your content read, I would call that a win-win situation.

It is a great place to get new inspiration so do check it out 🙂